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And a bird encounters

I walk on the path in the forest, summer evening sun is glittering, shinyeyes, through the thick leaves sewn mottled sub down, like a girl long hair,soft, warm, and beautiful. Roadside grass green, plush velvet, exudes afragrance of fresh, light, red, yellow and white wildflowers playfully hereshow the first, the blooming of a smiley face, clusters, and groves, wasvery lively. In this poetic walking path through the Woods, I couldn’t help thinking of the land of Cockaigne … …
Suddenly, the leaves from the forest came with crisp, bright bursts ofbirdsong, that song is old, beautiful, as is the singers sing in the forest.I can’t help but be attracted to that birdsong has passed, walked the walk,I finally saw the singer: it looks cute like a doll, a pair of jet-blackeyes flicker in the nimble and light, cocked his little head, as if indemonstration to me: listen I sang very beautifully.
Its feathers black satin-like in the summer under the Sun to shine; littlepaws is Brown, there are many lines of mouth is yellowish, occasionallymakes a chirping sound is so cute. It cocked his head and looked at mecuriously, but not afraid of people like Jump Jump came up to me, I wassurprised, walked toward it. But walk, it opens the small wings flew to myshoulder, with neat little paws caught me, footing with the sharp mouthgently pecked at my face, making me itch, and couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Just as I am and it‘s intimacy when intimacy, it flew away. Fly to thesky, are made into a wide variety of cloud in the sky, gesture and thesculptures; it feels like lightning from the sky, like a meteor, a Rainbowin the horizon like an instant dance.
I don’t know where the bird was and did not know it was a bird, but I knowthat it is a common bird. If there is a bird in the world that much better!
This imaginative composition describes the young writer can imagine a birdlike, poetic language, outstanding literary talent. Whether the descriptionof the scene or the bird written so eloquently, language exquisite, highlyrecommended.

Flying ants

Once upon
a time, in the Ant Kingdom has one of the largest, most robustAnt, it was who led the Ant, its name is strong.
One day, when ants win in search of food, saw many butterflies flying in thesky. He also wants to fly, it thought: if I could fly to the sky, will be able to look to far away places, and can see the scenery more beautiful thanon the ground! Ants win drew a diagram on paper with a pen. Controldrawings, using small leaf cut out two pieces of wings, has two wings with afine hand. It climbs up into a tree. Willing to close your eyes, open your arms, body leaning forward, Ant power really fly, but when ants win had achance to open my eyes, came a gust of wind, blows on the branches with strong wings and just managed to struggle. Ant willing or not to give up, itreturned home and used batteries and old pieces of iron and a smallpropeller, made a flight Cap.
It ran to an empty place to take off, but this power is too big, it wasn’tlong before small batteries ran out of power. Ants win again quickly fell tothe ground from the air and powerful Wah cry in pain. Back in the AntKingdom, there are many small ants, laugh at it and say: you are the ants,what do want to fly, happy life on the ground is not very good? Willing to listen to the words, home to MOM and dad sadly said: father, mother,children are laughing at my dream of flying. Dad said to win: as long asyou can make it fly, they will not laugh at you, but will admire you.However, you fail don’t give up, be sure to insist on, or your dream willnever succeed! Listen to the words of the father, and strong courage anddid a lot of experiments, until the 99th test win finally succeeded. Itsbark, gum, small plastic bags and rags, sand and small torches to make asimple hot-air balloon.
Willing to push it to the edge of the cliff, below the small plastic bagsplaced on the torch, hot air balloons rising into the sky. Strong was veryexcited in the sky overlooking the beautiful view it sees many had neverseen. Strong back in the Ant Kingdom, King sat on a hot-air balloon in theAnt over for a while, let the Ant King was shocked, King also was named thefirst ants that can fly! Until now, the ants, as strong‘s work is also inthe Ant Museum Collections.
This is a class article. Articles with a wealth of imagination, withcolorful language, put a do not give up, the courage, and ultimatelyrealize their dream of ants show in front of the reader. The plan of thework is neat, concise and fluent style of writing, attractive, highlyrecommended!