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Dog is in the way

The saying goes: good dog not to obstruct, on that occasion, I was forcedout of the way.
Last summer, I went to the school to get some things taken after that isready to take the streets back home, walking, turning in a corner, andsuddenly woof sound scared me. I look forward, HO-HO, a Wolf, and no, aGerman Shepherd. Hey,, solemnly standing in the middle of the road, whatseems to be watching, except for the occasional moving their head, wag thetail, which seals are not moved, how do I want to go home! In order to go home, I need to be out of the way dog fight.
First game, battle of static. I guess, you’re a dead dog, I don’t believeyou can stand there forever. Well, look who‘s who spends my legs, justsitting there, I idle with nothing to do, so he might as well enjoy it uglyface. Its fur is very pure, shiny black, in the sunlight, sparkling, verygood-looking, highly developed muscles of the body, without being brutal,showing a unique beauty. His eyes were so hard, proud of the distance … … … Not right, it‘s my enemy, how can I describe it so perfect? So, I began to imagine how ugly it: if it is a female dog, who added several lines of white, body narrowed a bit … …. Hahaha, Spaincow bitch! I laughed, Ido not know is it to understand what I was laughing, silence it shouting atme for a while: woof, woof woof, scared all of a sudden I woke up and Ithought, Oh, half an hour has passed, what should I do? Do? I was like a cat on hot bricks, no way, had started the second war.
Second, offensive warfare. I wants to, I can no time again so consumption down has, must and it Gan one, but, soon I on discourage has this idea, than strength, didn’t it big, than shape, than it, than weapons, it has dog claw and dog teeth, and I alone stick, even block decent of stone also no, but if not beat it, I how can home? Last I muster courage, to it lost has a small stone, may is playing to it has, it was I angered has, saw it bared teeth grin to, side called side to I bashing to, that momentum, like volcano outbreak, I of MOM Ah, I scare have cut on run, breath run to street Shang only stopped down, back see it whether Chase to, OK, didn’t chase to, I pine has tone, along Street hurried of catch home…….
This is narrative essay, young writer with the humorous language, whodescribed a fierce dogs to us. Article tone is humorous, plot twists and turns vivid, delicate dog descriptions of appearance, demeanor and actionsaccurately. I was like a cat on hot bricks, no way, had started the secondwar. Using innovative and natural transition.