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After Crow deceived

Crow‘s meat is the Fox, Crow always wanted to revenge the Fox.Finally, the day of revenge has come. On this day, Crow Creek finds a moldypiece of rotten meat in the grass. Find target, Raven‘s mind immediatelyflashed a deal with Fox‘s plan, which quickly flew to the Fox Home in frontof a tree.
Fox saw home in front of a black bird in the tree, we looked at the head outof the window at the trees. Yes, it is not the last time I did cheat thesmelly old black? With a piece of meat in his mouth, HA HA, now I don’t neednot eat meat of the old Fox. Hey…… “think about it, the Fox’s mouth out of the water.
It eye turn, went to the tree said to Crow: yo, this Crow man, right? I heard that you recently received a prize for the best gentleman, are you?Raven looked at Fox, pretending not to hear.
Fox seen this trick doesn’t work, help, Fox “splash” kneel to Crow, “Ooh … …” crying, crying to the Crow says: “wow … … Crow brother, do youstill mad about last time? Actually last time I cheated on your meat choice.Because my wife and kids are ill, so I lied to your meat! Please yourLordship, excluding Sims, forgive me! If you don’t forgive me, I knelt down.The Crow saw the Fox pathetic appearance, feel a little shaken, ready totell the truth to the Fox. However, after he saw Fox lips drooling and ironheart. It slapped its wings, nods, but just do not let go.
Fox saw the Crow was not fooled, they resorted to taunts, crows scolds:filthy old black you ungrateful, I have not called you a give you face.Since you do not appreciate, it will sue me heartless. With that, Raven cursed: “you stinking black, also deserve the prize for the best gentleman I Bah, Bah Bah Bah … … and, I think, the Orioles host and the animals in the forest, can really blind eye now! I really feel ashamed for them. RavenFox, beat, opened his mouth, deliberately let the meat off it. Fox meatfalls off, wind, channeling the past grabbed with a meat, a bite to eatmeat.
Suddenly, Fox clutching his belly “Ah … …” and scream it. At this time,the crows triumphantly to the Fox scolded: dead foxes, bad Fox, you didn’tthink he and I have had this hand. Hey, this is rewarded, and evil withevil, it serves you right! With that, Fox made a face. Fox, no matter howangry. It angrily toward the crows, but the stomach, climb trees, jump notto Crow. Crows in the tree to the Fox mocked: the foolish Fox, Fox, youcan’t do that, is bashing not, huh! . The Fox but only bowed head, go home dejectedly.
Since then, Fox can not find trouble with Crow and Raven smiles, when the King as he served.
This article is the writing of the Fox and the Crow. Small description ofusing air, movement, language description, psychological descriptiondetailed characterization of the Fox and the Crow, smooth article languageis very clear, vivid, imagine the whole process makes sense, claim to be anexcellent article.