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Today, my dad bought the two cute little turtle.
We put two kids in a bucket. They look upon diamond, looming like a bunch offairies dancing in the clouds, and Dunhuang frescos, to the imagination.Because of love of little turtle, I am curious to observe them, one largeand one small, lazy. They lie motionless in the basin, head and feetbothered to reach out to, is probably not familiar with the new House a little sake bar, in a Word, turtles let me scratching their heads.
Wednesday, August 21 fine
Coming home from school at noon, I can’t wait to come to the front, littleturtle got louder still, don’t they know the new home? At this point, Ithink, little turtle had not eaten for two days and hastened to the squareand bought a pack of turtle food, put some in, but it was lying theremotionless, I patiently waited for about ten minutes, and want to see it,but they remained unmoved. I thought, this won’t be their shy, must bebecause I’m only sorry to eat. So, I get the picture and walked away, aftermore than 10 minutes later, before once again I came buckets, food is gone,they head out, look around, seems to have recognized my friend, suddenly, Ifeel extremely happy.
Thursday, August 22, sunny to partly cloudy
After school in the afternoon, I found a green turtle on the balcony whichwas specially prepared for little turtle‘s new home, now, two little guyshappy, have their own home, swimming in the water with their carefree, Ah!Barrels child variable turtle basin has, no has walls of block, they show has himself of nature, big turtle lazy, small turtle naughty, so, I will to it both up has a is has personality of name, big turtle called lazy lazy, small turtle called jumped jumped, big turtle total like riding in small turtle back Shang, seems one mighty of Knight, small turtle patience is urgent, old wants to escape out, so while around didn’t when total managed to along turtle basin to Shang climbed, whenever this when I on hiding to far of, see kid how makes do stops elongation has neck forced to outside climbed, Very funny, and very interesting, often at critical point, small turtles off the chain, it’s not, its foot gently slipped and fell backwards over, making me laugh … …
Monday, August 26 rain
To hear dad say, turtles are reptiles, not long in the water, I pained them,before quickly came to Turtle, tortoise Pick up or out. Before long, theystretched out my head, look around, look around if it is safe, after thedetermined there was no danger, to begin to crawl, the bully look, goodcomfortable and well laid back.
Little turtle is so cute, it brings me endless happiness.
This is a diary. Young writer in the form of diaries, cute images of two turtles, meticulously described. Turtles funny cute and shy in a small penof the author vividly show, between the lines reveals the author‘s affectionto the turtle. Highly recommended!