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Small fish are also umbrella

I am a small fish, a happy life in the water of the little carp.
I live in a stream at the foot of the mountains, the river becomes clear.You can see the green algae; blue sky, white clouds, towering mountains,green trees, and birds of the air, into the water one can see the shadow. I am smelling the fragrance of flowers, and friends hide and seek, while swimming, while frothing … … Our laughter coming from time to time onthe water.
However, recently, disasters fall from the sky.
One day, I became a junior partner, didn’t get very far, popping sound,just hit me on the head of a banana peel, crouched down with her head in myarms, my teeth with pain for a long time, I looked around to see who did it,a good thing. A Coke bottle is a wing, but fortunately I am alert,vengeance to the next turn, escaped unscathed, I dare not go, for fear ofbeing concealed weapon hurt, I quickly ran to the House.
Along the way, I’m hiding, fear, managed to get home, MOM looked pale, Ihurriedly asked, honey, what are you doing back? I cried and told theirmother, mother love, and very angry. Such things happen often, aunt silvera few days ago was slipping by watermelon rind, smooth and beautiful clotheswere torn, and crab downstairs mother‘s hand, was broken by a smelly shoes,up to now haven’t restored yet! Ah…… “,” mother like this, how can we go out? I can’t wait to stomp.
MOM shook says: apologies to protect the ecological environment, in fact,continue to destroy our homes, we only an umbrella out. MOM said andsighed.
After a few days, we are holding an umbrella out. I was holding an umbrella, umbrella is very heavy, I had traveled only a few steps away exhausted and panting, shrimp grandfather can’t walk by umbrella, little fish holding umbrellas, gone rickety … … But what can you do? Colorful trash floatingon the water, it appears that umbrella will not solve the problem, we had towear gas masks. Cough I coughed for a moment, tears almost flow out. Hey,you come help me!
Good people! Why can’t you put the garbage into the trash? Humans, when wecould live the good life before it?
This is a fable. Intent of the young writer profound, thought-provoking, bylittle fish out of an umbrella this vivid parable, warned people: don’tdamage the environment. At the end, thought-provoking, distillation of thethemes. It would be a excellent article, highly recommended!