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Look, this group of ‘thieves’

The Spring Festival, I found my grandfather‘s House to a group of littlethief, often came to hang outside public eating in front of the window ofthe sauce, clever enough, one way, immediately disappeared. Who will it be?
“Peep, peep……”, “little thieves” are content to make a meal, again–how could I miss this drama? Quickly creep down into the window, hide behind thecurtains to watch. These smart and greedy of “small thief” like advance collusion good has like, look, has two a “small thief” of members quietly to comes in has grandfather home hanging in anti-theft window Shang of sauce next, also bold to station in shelf Shang left jumped right jumped, and looking, but is no mouth, also with I listening to not understand of language called has two sound, which seems this is a everyone child prepared to steal, first estimated is “thief” Dad and “thief” Grandpa to reconnaissance “enemy”, results found all security, on elated to called has two sound, seems to in enrollment friends introduction with, As if to say:come on, lifted the alert! Eating plan started! Friends and relatives onthe tree seems to have ordered two extremely excited, and responded to,aside from their hiding place to fall over. Thus, this group of thievescould not wait to open order.
They get a taste of my goods. Peck sauce rocking to and fro, like sandbags,they cried with excitement, as if to say: HA HA, was delicious! The foodwas delicious! At this time the sentry‘s little thief sentinels turnedaway in the past, cried, as if in protest: give me, give me some! OtherwiseI will not give you watch! Then the thief couldn’t, salivating, alsothrew up wolfed up. There are worse was found hanging on a pole upstairsbunch bunch of bacon, then without thinking to rush past, circling aroundthe bacon, Peck crazy piece of bacon, like a bee keeping by nest, in order to stop eating meat they had to have been flapping its wings in the air,looked tired. See this greedy, I can’t help but Puchi laugh, it turns out,this little thieves glutton eating meat is so interesting! My laughteralerted them, and Bingo all were scared off, hehe, they were scared,Zeidan, all DeCamp.
Look, this is my mother‘s family a group of little thief! They are a bunch of cute little thiefcollectiveeating meat birds! Never thought aboutit, even gentle and lovable birds will be so quick to eat meat!
This article describes a group of little thiefbirds, eating meat in theprocess. By using accurate and vivid, lifelike, such as complicity andfriends with, can’t wait, depicting a nuanced, vivid, lively andinteresting. Was a very successful exercise.