Flying bird

Today’s society, animals, plants and people, including other organismsliving together in the community. One another to protect their propagandalanguage, printed in my mind now and then. Let me know only ecologicalprotection, can make the person with them. An experience that made me grow up a lot, also with the chance to understand many things.
The window da da da sound makes me wonder from the room to the balcony. Ihead out looked at the colour of the sky, dark, creepy. Rain hit in myface hurt. Suddenly, a dusty holodecks figure coming towards me, I’m afraidto pull up the Windows. Little guy all of a sudden hit a window of thisdusty holodecks, gradually without sound, I carefully look at all the bigWindows, take a look at this guy hit the window. I was surprised, the little guy was only injured birds, blood falling down the legs, lay dying on the railing, mouth make “cushions … … Goo … … “sound, as if I said” saved … … Save … … I … … “as my hands held sacred as the birds back to the House.
Mother came hurriedly, worry ask me: what‘s the matter? I bring the birdto my mom, hurry, she asked: MOM, can you help this bird with cut? Mothernodded and took the bird, take it into the bathroom. In the process ofcleaning, its inability to call on him twice. I love looking at the motherbird wound, could not help but ask: How did this bird injured? Motherholding a bird to me, paused to say: the bird is injured by slingshots,take good care of it. My face and said firmly: I will! With the birdsreturned to the room. Bird had just stayed on the table for less than asecond, wings faintly moved a few times, slowly open your eyes, I looked atthose sparkling eyes, whispered: I care for you, exhibitions, Flash is yourhead, OK? Birds Twitter , it is called a few times and seems to answerme.
Accompany in Flash eye days I am very happy. But one day whole body shrinkin a cage, eyes lost brilliance. I worry about with cage, asked his mother:MOM, why objective eye had no former glory? MOM leaned over and stroked myhead and said: longing for home, you leave it here, it is very lonely andlonging for freedom. To know the sky is their home. I lower my head, but apointy seed in my heart to take budput the bird back to its own world.
I hold back the urge to cry, back to blue sky watch. See it fly freely inthe sky while I was selfishly wanted to keep birds around a lifetime ofideas, apologizing to it. The harm to the biological, and sincere apologies.Please return them to a happy place, allowing them to fly freely in their own world.
This narrative prose, describes caring for injured birds and bird‘s storiesshow live animal life, please return them to a happy place, allowing themto fly freely in their own world. Theme.

Small fish are also umbrella

I am a small fish, a happy life in the water of the little carp.
I live in a stream at the foot of the mountains, the river becomes clear.You can see the green algae; blue sky, white clouds, towering mountains,green trees, and birds of the air, into the water one can see the shadow. I am smelling the fragrance of flowers, and friends hide and seek, while swimming, while frothing … … Our laughter coming from time to time onthe water.
However, recently, disasters fall from the sky.
One day, I became a junior partner, didn’t get very far, popping sound,just hit me on the head of a banana peel, crouched down with her head in myarms, my teeth with pain for a long time, I looked around to see who did it,a good thing. A Coke bottle is a wing, but fortunately I am alert,vengeance to the next turn, escaped unscathed, I dare not go, for fear ofbeing concealed weapon hurt, I quickly ran to the House.
Along the way, I’m hiding, fear, managed to get home, MOM looked pale, Ihurriedly asked, honey, what are you doing back? I cried and told theirmother, mother love, and very angry. Such things happen often, aunt silvera few days ago was slipping by watermelon rind, smooth and beautiful clotheswere torn, and crab downstairs mother‘s hand, was broken by a smelly shoes,up to now haven’t restored yet! Ah…… “,” mother like this, how can we go out? I can’t wait to stomp.
MOM shook says: apologies to protect the ecological environment, in fact,continue to destroy our homes, we only an umbrella out. MOM said andsighed.
After a few days, we are holding an umbrella out. I was holding an umbrella, umbrella is very heavy, I had traveled only a few steps away exhausted and panting, shrimp grandfather can’t walk by umbrella, little fish holding umbrellas, gone rickety … … But what can you do? Colorful trash floatingon the water, it appears that umbrella will not solve the problem, we had towear gas masks. Cough I coughed for a moment, tears almost flow out. Hey,you come help me!
Good people! Why can’t you put the garbage into the trash? Humans, when wecould live the good life before it?
This is a fable. Intent of the young writer profound, thought-provoking, bylittle fish out of an umbrella this vivid parable, warned people: don’tdamage the environment. At the end, thought-provoking, distillation of thethemes. It would be a excellent article, highly recommended!

Dog is in the way

The saying goes: good dog not to obstruct, on that occasion, I was forcedout of the way.
Last summer, I went to the school to get some things taken after that isready to take the streets back home, walking, turning in a corner, andsuddenly woof sound scared me. I look forward, HO-HO, a Wolf, and no, aGerman Shepherd. Hey,, solemnly standing in the middle of the road, whatseems to be watching, except for the occasional moving their head, wag thetail, which seals are not moved, how do I want to go home! In order to go home, I need to be out of the way dog fight.
First game, battle of static. I guess, you’re a dead dog, I don’t believeyou can stand there forever. Well, look who‘s who spends my legs, justsitting there, I idle with nothing to do, so he might as well enjoy it uglyface. Its fur is very pure, shiny black, in the sunlight, sparkling, verygood-looking, highly developed muscles of the body, without being brutal,showing a unique beauty. His eyes were so hard, proud of the distance … … … Not right, it‘s my enemy, how can I describe it so perfect? So, I began to imagine how ugly it: if it is a female dog, who added several lines of white, body narrowed a bit … …. Hahaha, Spaincow bitch! I laughed, Ido not know is it to understand what I was laughing, silence it shouting atme for a while: woof, woof woof, scared all of a sudden I woke up and Ithought, Oh, half an hour has passed, what should I do? Do? I was like a cat on hot bricks, no way, had started the second war.
Second, offensive warfare. I wants to, I can no time again so consumption down has, must and it Gan one, but, soon I on discourage has this idea, than strength, didn’t it big, than shape, than it, than weapons, it has dog claw and dog teeth, and I alone stick, even block decent of stone also no, but if not beat it, I how can home? Last I muster courage, to it lost has a small stone, may is playing to it has, it was I angered has, saw it bared teeth grin to, side called side to I bashing to, that momentum, like volcano outbreak, I of MOM Ah, I scare have cut on run, breath run to street Shang only stopped down, back see it whether Chase to, OK, didn’t chase to, I pine has tone, along Street hurried of catch home…….
This is narrative essay, young writer with the humorous language, whodescribed a fierce dogs to us. Article tone is humorous, plot twists and turns vivid, delicate dog descriptions of appearance, demeanor and actionsaccurately. I was like a cat on hot bricks, no way, had started the secondwar. Using innovative and natural transition.

And a bird encounters

I walk on the path in the forest, summer evening sun is glittering, shinyeyes, through the thick leaves sewn mottled sub down, like a girl long hair,soft, warm, and beautiful. Roadside grass green, plush velvet, exudes afragrance of fresh, light, red, yellow and white wildflowers playfully hereshow the first, the blooming of a smiley face, clusters, and groves, wasvery lively. In this poetic walking path through the Woods, I couldn’t help thinking of the land of Cockaigne … …
Suddenly, the leaves from the forest came with crisp, bright bursts ofbirdsong, that song is old, beautiful, as is the singers sing in the forest.I can’t help but be attracted to that birdsong has passed, walked the walk,I finally saw the singer: it looks cute like a doll, a pair of jet-blackeyes flicker in the nimble and light, cocked his little head, as if indemonstration to me: listen I sang very beautifully.
Its feathers black satin-like in the summer under the Sun to shine; littlepaws is Brown, there are many lines of mouth is yellowish, occasionallymakes a chirping sound is so cute. It cocked his head and looked at mecuriously, but not afraid of people like Jump Jump came up to me, I wassurprised, walked toward it. But walk, it opens the small wings flew to myshoulder, with neat little paws caught me, footing with the sharp mouthgently pecked at my face, making me itch, and couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Just as I am and it‘s intimacy when intimacy, it flew away. Fly to thesky, are made into a wide variety of cloud in the sky, gesture and thesculptures; it feels like lightning from the sky, like a meteor, a Rainbowin the horizon like an instant dance.
I don’t know where the bird was and did not know it was a bird, but I knowthat it is a common bird. If there is a bird in the world that much better!
This imaginative composition describes the young writer can imagine a birdlike, poetic language, outstanding literary talent. Whether the descriptionof the scene or the bird written so eloquently, language exquisite, highlyrecommended.

Look, this group of ‘thieves’

The Spring Festival, I found my grandfather‘s House to a group of littlethief, often came to hang outside public eating in front of the window ofthe sauce, clever enough, one way, immediately disappeared. Who will it be?
“Peep, peep……”, “little thieves” are content to make a meal, again–how could I miss this drama? Quickly creep down into the window, hide behind thecurtains to watch. These smart and greedy of “small thief” like advance collusion good has like, look, has two a “small thief” of members quietly to comes in has grandfather home hanging in anti-theft window Shang of sauce next, also bold to station in shelf Shang left jumped right jumped, and looking, but is no mouth, also with I listening to not understand of language called has two sound, which seems this is a everyone child prepared to steal, first estimated is “thief” Dad and “thief” Grandpa to reconnaissance “enemy”, results found all security, on elated to called has two sound, seems to in enrollment friends introduction with, As if to say:come on, lifted the alert! Eating plan started! Friends and relatives onthe tree seems to have ordered two extremely excited, and responded to,aside from their hiding place to fall over. Thus, this group of thievescould not wait to open order.
They get a taste of my goods. Peck sauce rocking to and fro, like sandbags,they cried with excitement, as if to say: HA HA, was delicious! The foodwas delicious! At this time the sentry‘s little thief sentinels turnedaway in the past, cried, as if in protest: give me, give me some! OtherwiseI will not give you watch! Then the thief couldn’t, salivating, alsothrew up wolfed up. There are worse was found hanging on a pole upstairsbunch bunch of bacon, then without thinking to rush past, circling aroundthe bacon, Peck crazy piece of bacon, like a bee keeping by nest, in order to stop eating meat they had to have been flapping its wings in the air,looked tired. See this greedy, I can’t help but Puchi laugh, it turns out,this little thieves glutton eating meat is so interesting! My laughteralerted them, and Bingo all were scared off, hehe, they were scared,Zeidan, all DeCamp.
Look, this is my mother‘s family a group of little thief! They are a bunch of cute little thiefcollectiveeating meat birds! Never thought aboutit, even gentle and lovable birds will be so quick to eat meat!
This article describes a group of little thiefbirds, eating meat in theprocess. By using accurate and vivid, lifelike, such as complicity andfriends with, can’t wait, depicting a nuanced, vivid, lively andinteresting. Was a very successful exercise.


Today, my dad bought the two cute little turtle.
We put two kids in a bucket. They look upon diamond, looming like a bunch offairies dancing in the clouds, and Dunhuang frescos, to the imagination.Because of love of little turtle, I am curious to observe them, one largeand one small, lazy. They lie motionless in the basin, head and feetbothered to reach out to, is probably not familiar with the new House a little sake bar, in a Word, turtles let me scratching their heads.
Wednesday, August 21 fine
Coming home from school at noon, I can’t wait to come to the front, littleturtle got louder still, don’t they know the new home? At this point, Ithink, little turtle had not eaten for two days and hastened to the squareand bought a pack of turtle food, put some in, but it was lying theremotionless, I patiently waited for about ten minutes, and want to see it,but they remained unmoved. I thought, this won’t be their shy, must bebecause I’m only sorry to eat. So, I get the picture and walked away, aftermore than 10 minutes later, before once again I came buckets, food is gone,they head out, look around, seems to have recognized my friend, suddenly, Ifeel extremely happy.
Thursday, August 22, sunny to partly cloudy
After school in the afternoon, I found a green turtle on the balcony whichwas specially prepared for little turtle‘s new home, now, two little guyshappy, have their own home, swimming in the water with their carefree, Ah!Barrels child variable turtle basin has, no has walls of block, they show has himself of nature, big turtle lazy, small turtle naughty, so, I will to it both up has a is has personality of name, big turtle called lazy lazy, small turtle called jumped jumped, big turtle total like riding in small turtle back Shang, seems one mighty of Knight, small turtle patience is urgent, old wants to escape out, so while around didn’t when total managed to along turtle basin to Shang climbed, whenever this when I on hiding to far of, see kid how makes do stops elongation has neck forced to outside climbed, Very funny, and very interesting, often at critical point, small turtles off the chain, it’s not, its foot gently slipped and fell backwards over, making me laugh … …
Monday, August 26 rain
To hear dad say, turtles are reptiles, not long in the water, I pained them,before quickly came to Turtle, tortoise Pick up or out. Before long, theystretched out my head, look around, look around if it is safe, after thedetermined there was no danger, to begin to crawl, the bully look, goodcomfortable and well laid back.
Little turtle is so cute, it brings me endless happiness.
This is a diary. Young writer in the form of diaries, cute images of two turtles, meticulously described. Turtles funny cute and shy in a small penof the author vividly show, between the lines reveals the author‘s affectionto the turtle. Highly recommended!

After Crow deceived

Crow‘s meat is the Fox, Crow always wanted to revenge the Fox.Finally, the day of revenge has come. On this day, Crow Creek finds a moldypiece of rotten meat in the grass. Find target, Raven‘s mind immediatelyflashed a deal with Fox‘s plan, which quickly flew to the Fox Home in frontof a tree.
Fox saw home in front of a black bird in the tree, we looked at the head outof the window at the trees. Yes, it is not the last time I did cheat thesmelly old black? With a piece of meat in his mouth, HA HA, now I don’t neednot eat meat of the old Fox. Hey…… “think about it, the Fox’s mouth out of the water.
It eye turn, went to the tree said to Crow: yo, this Crow man, right? I heard that you recently received a prize for the best gentleman, are you?Raven looked at Fox, pretending not to hear.
Fox seen this trick doesn’t work, help, Fox “splash” kneel to Crow, “Ooh … …” crying, crying to the Crow says: “wow … … Crow brother, do youstill mad about last time? Actually last time I cheated on your meat choice.Because my wife and kids are ill, so I lied to your meat! Please yourLordship, excluding Sims, forgive me! If you don’t forgive me, I knelt down.The Crow saw the Fox pathetic appearance, feel a little shaken, ready totell the truth to the Fox. However, after he saw Fox lips drooling and ironheart. It slapped its wings, nods, but just do not let go.
Fox saw the Crow was not fooled, they resorted to taunts, crows scolds:filthy old black you ungrateful, I have not called you a give you face.Since you do not appreciate, it will sue me heartless. With that, Raven cursed: “you stinking black, also deserve the prize for the best gentleman I Bah, Bah Bah Bah … … and, I think, the Orioles host and the animals in the forest, can really blind eye now! I really feel ashamed for them. RavenFox, beat, opened his mouth, deliberately let the meat off it. Fox meatfalls off, wind, channeling the past grabbed with a meat, a bite to eatmeat.
Suddenly, Fox clutching his belly “Ah … …” and scream it. At this time,the crows triumphantly to the Fox scolded: dead foxes, bad Fox, you didn’tthink he and I have had this hand. Hey, this is rewarded, and evil withevil, it serves you right! With that, Fox made a face. Fox, no matter howangry. It angrily toward the crows, but the stomach, climb trees, jump notto Crow. Crows in the tree to the Fox mocked: the foolish Fox, Fox, youcan’t do that, is bashing not, huh! . The Fox but only bowed head, go home dejectedly.
Since then, Fox can not find trouble with Crow and Raven smiles, when the King as he served.
This article is the writing of the Fox and the Crow. Small description ofusing air, movement, language description, psychological descriptiondetailed characterization of the Fox and the Crow, smooth article languageis very clear, vivid, imagine the whole process makes sense, claim to be anexcellent article.

Flying ants

Once upon
a time, in the Ant Kingdom has one of the largest, most robustAnt, it was who led the Ant, its name is strong.
One day, when ants win in search of food, saw many butterflies flying in thesky. He also wants to fly, it thought: if I could fly to the sky, will be able to look to far away places, and can see the scenery more beautiful thanon the ground! Ants win drew a diagram on paper with a pen. Controldrawings, using small leaf cut out two pieces of wings, has two wings with afine hand. It climbs up into a tree. Willing to close your eyes, open your arms, body leaning forward, Ant power really fly, but when ants win had achance to open my eyes, came a gust of wind, blows on the branches with strong wings and just managed to struggle. Ant willing or not to give up, itreturned home and used batteries and old pieces of iron and a smallpropeller, made a flight Cap.
It ran to an empty place to take off, but this power is too big, it wasn’tlong before small batteries ran out of power. Ants win again quickly fell tothe ground from the air and powerful Wah cry in pain. Back in the AntKingdom, there are many small ants, laugh at it and say: you are the ants,what do want to fly, happy life on the ground is not very good? Willing to listen to the words, home to MOM and dad sadly said: father, mother,children are laughing at my dream of flying. Dad said to win: as long asyou can make it fly, they will not laugh at you, but will admire you.However, you fail don’t give up, be sure to insist on, or your dream willnever succeed! Listen to the words of the father, and strong courage anddid a lot of experiments, until the 99th test win finally succeeded. Itsbark, gum, small plastic bags and rags, sand and small torches to make asimple hot-air balloon.
Willing to push it to the edge of the cliff, below the small plastic bagsplaced on the torch, hot air balloons rising into the sky. Strong was veryexcited in the sky overlooking the beautiful view it sees many had neverseen. Strong back in the Ant Kingdom, King sat on a hot-air balloon in theAnt over for a while, let the Ant King was shocked, King also was named thefirst ants that can fly! Until now, the ants, as strong‘s work is also inthe Ant Museum Collections.
This is a class article. Articles with a wealth of imagination, withcolorful language, put a do not give up, the courage, and ultimatelyrealize their dream of ants show in front of the reader. The plan of thework is neat, concise and fluent style of writing, attractive, highlyrecommended!