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Butterflies and dragonflies

In a beautiful forest, inhabited by many small animals, bunnies, butterflies… … One day, butterflies saw dragonflies on water. Butterfly fly proudly said: “your wings I beautiful? “Dragonfly humbly said:” no, miss butterfly. “Butterfly asks:” I’m prettier than you do here? “Butterfly said, more proud. Dragonfly said: “although I wasn’t pretty, but I also take strengths. “Butterfly said angrily:” shut up. You dare to compare with my ugly things. “Dragonfly said:” we are a friend, not noisy. “” And well, no way. “Lark came and said,” the Miss butterfly, dragonfly day crop pest, we each have our strengths, you can’t compare your strengths to the shortcomings. “Butterfly, lowered his head in shame.

Young writer at the time of fairy tales using the appropriate language to depict the shape of a butterfly can be proud of and Dragonfly humble image. “Shut up, you have the courage to compare with my ugly things,” “no, Miss Butterfly” and so on, and vivid image. Subject highlighted at the end of the article: you cannot compare their strengths to the shortcomings. Article structured, topic-prominent, for second-grade child is a fine piece of writing.

Cute little goldfish

Of cylindrical form Grandpa in the windowsill of a goldfish, which have four cute little goldfish.

You see: the head red hydrangea goldfish seems to be the bride at the wedding, beautiful and elegant, swims a little arrogant, perhaps this is beautiful because of it. Look at that body dressed in a gold goldfish, it’s Gossamer tail larger than the body, when it is gently swinging, just like a fairy. The black lions head, it rounded round and swims but a bit difficult, but it looks very quiet, gentlemanly demeanor. When these goldfish through the water when, really don’t have a taste: they are stationary and go swimming, swinging tails, spit bubbles in the water, are so laid-back. Sometimes they float to the surface, with his mouth open, wide-mouth big mouth breathing the fresh air. Sometimes they chased each other, like in the game. I took the little fish in the water, or just very quiet goldfish suddenly excited, they scrambled to rush to eat insects, after eating they also looked at me, his mouth “Kipper and smacked of” Zhang did not seem to have been enough. Time to take too much, just spit, and eat it on a few, wagging his tail, walk after eating them. Drilling under the water and head still, tail shaking, sleeps with their eyes open.

HA! Goldfish are so cute.

Article opening turned, once again praising small goldfish and love at the end, both echo express cute and small goldfish “I” love of goldfish, through description and detail embody small goldfish in the water so lively and free manner. Language, humor, humorous, uses personification of rhetoric more vivid description of goldfish, are very good.


It wore a long white hairs, no noise at all, like with flawless white jade. Two sparkling Ruby makes it more angry. It’s two long ears, white outside, but inside they are red run. A tiny little sounds into the ear, its ears back up immediately, deftly turned every way, looking for the source of the sound, alert out of fear is not the enemy in close. Its mouth has three flaps, commonly known as “three months”; eat something, it opened its three mouths, big mouth big mouth and ate.

Its short forelimbs, hind limbs long powerful hind legs gently Yi Deng, popping a few meters away. It’s a matter of delicate little tail as if it were hanging on the rear of the small fluff. To curl a stick to walking was pleasant.

Wonder if you know why rabbit’s eyes were red? Tell me about it! Because rabbit is “vegetarian”, they eat vegetables all the year round, especially the carrot. Carrot can make eyes light up; so the bunny’s eyes are red.

There are numerous varieties of rabbit, generally white; grey, black and color. It is breastfeeding lagomorph, herbivorous invertebrates, mammals. It is docile, endearing.

Rabbits want to play holes like life on the land, because it’s easy to play the hole. Nights in the cave in which it lives, lurking in the dark in the daytime, night-time activity around, foraging behaviour. It’s listless during the day. Still seems to be asleep. However, nights are energetic, looking for food. And living habits of the people it are just the opposite. Rabbits don’t like snakes, frogs hibernate in, it can be comfortable than summer, rabbit cold and heat. Many people say it is a great time to grab the rabbit; I’ve owned rabbits, I can’t bear grabbed its ears, such a cute rabbit you have the heart to catch it?

Rabbits are friends of human beings, watching a rabbit being killed, I don’t wanna see this. It is a lovely, smart animal, don’t break it, it also brings you happiness, isn’t it?

As a dynamic, small animal, this is it, Bunny!

This essay is personal, this is mainly through careful observation, write out the rabbit’s appearance and life habits, the authors describe the rational and orderly, focused descriptions make this interesting, left a very deep impression to readers, while also expressing the author’s feelings for rabbit.

Cute little duck

Hot summer, my mother came back from the market to buy me a cute littleduck.
Small duck feathers are bright yellow, very soft and comfortable to thetouch. Some black feathers on the tail and head, wearing a black cap, wornunder a tuxedo gentleman. To walk, almost like a little Penguin, ass on both sides of a limp, like a dance. Its two small, dark eyes, dark purple, socute!
Heard that it was just hatched yesterday, so the flat mouth and widewidthfeet have not so red. I found, in it on the flat, there are two small holes.I believe this may be its nostrils! Sometimes it always looked to me out loud Jack, Jack, Jack barked incessantly. Looked like it lovely, I alsogave it a namegirl.
For it, I found a big box specially in the pharmacy. In this way, it willhave enough space to play. Sometimes, it‘s always very naughty, jump out of the box. So I let him run in the backyard garden, which can be fun. But Iwas responsible, while watching it, staring at cat, really gave me a headtwo big. Even so, I was happy to see it on the outside air of freedom.Sometimes up to eat cucumber pulp; sometimes dragged with the mouth of Eggplant leaves; sometimes hid in Hay find bugs; sometimes the dew on the leaves … … Whenever I want to catch it into “houses”, it always ran, run faster than a rabbit, hiding in the East, Tibet, as if playing hide and seek with me, around the tables and chairs in tiny circles … … After all,girl was caught by my House. Girl eating look awkward at all. Every day,MOM not hold porridge to it, made to eat is rice water. Each have a bigmouth, and head thrown back, swallowing a SIP, and then head back up, thisall is just a big mouth. And by the time it does not want to eat any more,it left his mouth with great force, in order to put his mouth on the meterto get rid, the ground is often filled with, at this moment, I angrilycalled it: the girl is a messy . It didn’t care at all ignored me.Really annoying!
Girl come to my summer has added a lot of fun. I like the girl.
Young writer through the cute little duck descriptions of appearance,habits, and gives us a lively, lovely, naughty small ducks images, linesshowing young writer life, love for animals, see young writer is a child wholoves life, loves small animals.

Flying bird

Today’s society, animals, plants and people, including other organismsliving together in the community. One another to protect their propagandalanguage, printed in my mind now and then. Let me know only ecologicalprotection, can make the person with them. An experience that made me grow up a lot, also with the chance to understand many things.
The window da da da sound makes me wonder from the room to the balcony. Ihead out looked at the colour of the sky, dark, creepy. Rain hit in myface hurt. Suddenly, a dusty holodecks figure coming towards me, I’m afraidto pull up the Windows. Little guy all of a sudden hit a window of thisdusty holodecks, gradually without sound, I carefully look at all the bigWindows, take a look at this guy hit the window. I was surprised, the little guy was only injured birds, blood falling down the legs, lay dying on the railing, mouth make “cushions … … Goo … … “sound, as if I said” saved … … Save … … I … … “as my hands held sacred as the birds back to the House.
Mother came hurriedly, worry ask me: what‘s the matter? I bring the birdto my mom, hurry, she asked: MOM, can you help this bird with cut? Mothernodded and took the bird, take it into the bathroom. In the process ofcleaning, its inability to call on him twice. I love looking at the motherbird wound, could not help but ask: How did this bird injured? Motherholding a bird to me, paused to say: the bird is injured by slingshots,take good care of it. My face and said firmly: I will! With the birdsreturned to the room. Bird had just stayed on the table for less than asecond, wings faintly moved a few times, slowly open your eyes, I looked atthose sparkling eyes, whispered: I care for you, exhibitions, Flash is yourhead, OK? Birds Twitter , it is called a few times and seems to answerme.
Accompany in Flash eye days I am very happy. But one day whole body shrinkin a cage, eyes lost brilliance. I worry about with cage, asked his mother:MOM, why objective eye had no former glory? MOM leaned over and stroked myhead and said: longing for home, you leave it here, it is very lonely andlonging for freedom. To know the sky is their home. I lower my head, but apointy seed in my heart to take budput the bird back to its own world.
I hold back the urge to cry, back to blue sky watch. See it fly freely inthe sky while I was selfishly wanted to keep birds around a lifetime ofideas, apologizing to it. The harm to the biological, and sincere apologies.Please return them to a happy place, allowing them to fly freely in their own world.
This narrative prose, describes caring for injured birds and bird‘s storiesshow live animal life, please return them to a happy place, allowing themto fly freely in their own world. Theme.

After Crow deceived

Crow‘s meat is the Fox, Crow always wanted to revenge the Fox.Finally, the day of revenge has come. On this day, Crow Creek finds a moldypiece of rotten meat in the grass. Find target, Raven‘s mind immediatelyflashed a deal with Fox‘s plan, which quickly flew to the Fox Home in frontof a tree.
Fox saw home in front of a black bird in the tree, we looked at the head outof the window at the trees. Yes, it is not the last time I did cheat thesmelly old black? With a piece of meat in his mouth, HA HA, now I don’t neednot eat meat of the old Fox. Hey…… “think about it, the Fox’s mouth out of the water.
It eye turn, went to the tree said to Crow: yo, this Crow man, right? I heard that you recently received a prize for the best gentleman, are you?Raven looked at Fox, pretending not to hear.
Fox seen this trick doesn’t work, help, Fox “splash” kneel to Crow, “Ooh … …” crying, crying to the Crow says: “wow … … Crow brother, do youstill mad about last time? Actually last time I cheated on your meat choice.Because my wife and kids are ill, so I lied to your meat! Please yourLordship, excluding Sims, forgive me! If you don’t forgive me, I knelt down.The Crow saw the Fox pathetic appearance, feel a little shaken, ready totell the truth to the Fox. However, after he saw Fox lips drooling and ironheart. It slapped its wings, nods, but just do not let go.
Fox saw the Crow was not fooled, they resorted to taunts, crows scolds:filthy old black you ungrateful, I have not called you a give you face.Since you do not appreciate, it will sue me heartless. With that, Raven cursed: “you stinking black, also deserve the prize for the best gentleman I Bah, Bah Bah Bah … … and, I think, the Orioles host and the animals in the forest, can really blind eye now! I really feel ashamed for them. RavenFox, beat, opened his mouth, deliberately let the meat off it. Fox meatfalls off, wind, channeling the past grabbed with a meat, a bite to eatmeat.
Suddenly, Fox clutching his belly “Ah … …” and scream it. At this time,the crows triumphantly to the Fox scolded: dead foxes, bad Fox, you didn’tthink he and I have had this hand. Hey, this is rewarded, and evil withevil, it serves you right! With that, Fox made a face. Fox, no matter howangry. It angrily toward the crows, but the stomach, climb trees, jump notto Crow. Crows in the tree to the Fox mocked: the foolish Fox, Fox, youcan’t do that, is bashing not, huh! . The Fox but only bowed head, go home dejectedly.
Since then, Fox can not find trouble with Crow and Raven smiles, when the King as he served.
This article is the writing of the Fox and the Crow. Small description ofusing air, movement, language description, psychological descriptiondetailed characterization of the Fox and the Crow, smooth article languageis very clear, vivid, imagine the whole process makes sense, claim to be anexcellent article.