Some about ants

Ant small and lean and perfect physiological mechanism enabled them to withstand the challenges. In order to transform the environment of constantly starting and return to their nests, desert ants know how to use the sun Arrow issued by polarized light back to the nest. Remember the Amazon ants through visual reference to the development of course, but also the mind that is a lifetime, they store large memory, and then went out in accordance with relevant information. Ants have glands in vivo, they use different chemicals in more than 20 kinds of means to convey.
Microscopic photographs of the head of ants “found the intruder, alert all the ants.
Scraper abdomen, it is a supplement of chemical language. Scraper is the vocal organs, can be issued friction vibration signal, when a pair of ants ranked team in the tidy streets around the time the stone came from a vibration signal, the original of an ant to be crushed rock, and an instant , homogeneous group of ants pushing, to a certain ants were rescued. This signal can also be used to discuss to each other to food.

My lovely dog

Just heard my footsteps, Momo will be carrying the slippers at the door togreet me.
Foam foam of back white have like snow, belly and four article leg Shang of fluff some Pan yellow, a double watery of big eyes, glass ball General of eyes around, eye Shang also has a pinch son white of hair, a article powder Doodle of tongue, sharp of teeth plus sensitive of ear it of vigilance extraordinary, it has sensitive of nose, can smell to three in yiwai biological of breath. When it eats, head to smell. It was a pair of ears,hearing voices, its ears always vertical Grill on the ground.
Momo‘s personality, you have it good, lick your hand, with her head on yourlegs, you spoiled it; but a stranger came home, it will still be bark tokeep call you if it gets nasty, it will jump you to bite you.
Why is the dog‘s name called Momo? Just take it when I come back, there isno name. The cat like a mud monkey, I’m giving it a bath. Shower knewplaying bath foam, I called it a whim Momo.
Why its sensitive ears, teeth sharp? Because once, late at night, there is amouse on the balcony where, Momo after hearing voices, immediately ran tothe balcony, a swift power caught the mouse, making a whining sound, likethe trophy we flaunt it! Drew laughter in the whole family, this was a dogcatching a mouse—-business. Another time, dinner time, but I just finishedthe dishes not away, I was watching TV a few seconds, it begins to lickpeople‘s plates, and finally to crush a large plate, you say its sharp teethsharp!
Momo is a cute little dog, more like a naughty boy, I love but hate.
This article describes puppy Momo profile characteristics, gentlepersonality and sensitive ears, teeth sharp features. Profile description isinteresting, highlights the lovely Momo. Momo name introduced into his mind,has the power.

Still a duplicate Cartier isn’t too expensive

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Getting creative in the snow This post was written

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His plan is to release both a men’s and women’s

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It wore a long white hairs, no noise at all, like with flawless white jade.Two sparkling Ruby makes it more angry. It‘s two long ears, white outside,but inside they are red run. A little tiny sounds into the ear, its earsback up immediately, deftly turned every way, looking for the source of thesound, alert out of fear is not the enemy in close. Its mouth has threeflaps, commonly known as three mouths; eat something, it opened its threemouths, big mouth big mouth and ate.
Its short forelimbs, hind limbs long powerful hind legs gently Yi Deng,popping a few meters away. Its a matter of delicate little tail as if itwere hanging on the rear of the small fluff, to curl a stick to walk waspleasant.
Do you know why rabbit‘s eyes were red? Let me tell you about it! Becauserabbit is vegetarian, they eat vegetables all the year round, especiallythe carrot, carrot can make eyes light up; so the Bunny‘s eyes are red.
There are many varieties of rabbit, generally white; grey, black and color.It is breastfeeding lagomorpha, herbivorous invertebrates, mammals. It isdocile, endearing.
Rabbits like to play holes like life on the land, because it’s easy to playthe hole. Nights in the cave in which it lives, lurking in the dark in thedaytime, night-time activity around, foraging behaviour. It‘s listlessduring the day, still seems to be asleep. But nights are energetic, looking for food. And living habits of the people it is just the opposite. Rabbitsdon’t like snakes, frogs Hibernate in, it can be comfortable than summer,rabbit cold and heat. Many people say it is a good time to grab the rabbit;I‘ve owned rabbits, I can’t bear grabbed its ears, such a cute rabbit youhave the heart to catch it?
Rabbits are friends of human beings, watching a rabbit being killed, I don’twanna take a look at this. It is a lovely, smart animals, don’t break it, italso brings you happiness, isn’t it?
As a dynamic, small animals, this is it, Bunny!
This essay is personal, this is mainly through careful observation, write out the rabbit‘s appearance and life habits, the authors describe therational and orderly, focused descriptions make this interesting, left avery deep impression to readers, while also expressing the author‘s feelingsfor rabbit.

Cute little duck

Today after school, I rushed back home, to the ground and threw a bag, wentto see my cute little duck.
These little guys, fat fat fat on its head with a pair of big eyes and aflat mouth, covered with yellow feathers, the body has a pair of flipper‘sfeet below. Behind the body and a short tail, swaying walk, like a granny isstaggering.
They are not only beautiful, but action is also very interesting!
Duck his head into the water, and jerked his head up, dumped water on thehead. For a while they swing their wings, fins, like a happy child. Veryfunny when they are competing for food. As soon as I put the food in thewater, they will be suddenness swim, scrambling for food. If some of theducks were satisfied, they will swim out of the water when they like avictorious General, swaying swing and walked off. There are no ducks on thefood, they‘re not. I couldn’t help it, had to let the rest of the duck fulltoo, so that they come out. But they do not eat duck to the part of happy,is very frustrating. Ducks love to play the game, hide and seek, swimmingand running. They have a happy, happy.
This is my cute little duck. You like it?
This is an essay-like article, young authors from describing the cutelittle duck activities, expresses affection for ducklings. Article based on a novel, Word wonderful, lively language, such as on its head with a pairof big eyes and a flat mouth, full of innocence kid stuff.

The Fox and the Raven continued to write

One day, the Crow got a piece of meat, then Fox has mysteriously appeared.Smelling the meat smell of incense, Fox thought: so delicious meats, I‘ve got to find a way to get it. When his eyes turn, came up with a scheme.
So Fox went up to the Crow said: Mrs Crow, today the Sun is shining, youdoing OK? I heard that you are very beautiful, seeing you today, you reallyare as beautiful as the say, is beauty. Crow is happy, his face covered with a smile, but he still doesn’t open mouth, because he saw the Fox‘sWiles. Lips pretending to move a bit, then back to the head, quietly putsome broken glass in the meat, still pretend there is a look of worry.
Fox saw a Crow‘s mouth for a moment, the heart mentioned in my mouth. But Iwas disappointed to see the meat did not fall off, trick without success,and thought of a way, Crow with concern, said: Mrs Crow, what‘s going onwith you? A preoccupied look, isn’t it? Say it to me, let me share you some.Crow‘s mouth moved, the meat seems to be falling, but Crow still are teethbite on the meat. His awkward demeanor, as if there is full of words I want to say, but I did not say.
Fox continues to please the Crow said: Mrs Crow, I know your views to me,the last piece of meat that is a complete misunderstanding, I‘ll keep it foryou, I’m going to get you, do you see? Don’t hold you have anything in mind,this is not good for you! Crow was careful to put the meat on the branches,looking confused and asked:: it is true, Mr Fox? Of course is true, Foxexplained, and has made moves to turn around.
Raven jumped up with excitement, clapped and said: that’s great, I couldeat two pieces of meat! The branches swayed, the meat quickly fell. Foxquickly fell, and gulped it down, ran deep into the Woods.
Soon, Fox rolled on the ground in pain, Fox moans coming from the Woods.Crows are pleased to sing and dance, his face filled with the joy ofvictory, he punished himself a Sly Fox and proud.
This is a fairy tale, written after the Ravens learned a lesson from thelast, caught Fox‘s Wiles, finally punished the Sly Fox. Story authors on Foxa minute description of the language, vivid display of a wily fox in front of our eyes, it is a good piece of writing.

Butterflies and dragonflies

In a beautiful forest, inhabited by many small animals, bunnies, butterflies… … One day, butterflies saw dragonflies on water. Butterfly fly proudly said: “your wings I beautiful? “Dragonfly humbly said:” no, miss butterfly. “Butterfly asks:” I’m prettier than you do here? “Butterfly said, more proud. Dragonfly said: “although I wasn’t pretty, but I also take strengths. “Butterfly said angrily:” shut up. You dare to compare with my ugly things. “Dragonfly said:” we are a friend, not noisy. “” And well, no way. “Lark came and said,” the Miss butterfly, dragonfly day crop pest, we each have our strengths, you can’t compare your strengths to the shortcomings. “Butterfly, lowered his head in shame.

Young writer at the time of fairy tales using the appropriate language to depict the shape of a butterfly can be proud of and Dragonfly humble image. “Shut up, you have the courage to compare with my ugly things,” “no, Miss Butterfly” and so on, and vivid image. Subject highlighted at the end of the article: you cannot compare their strengths to the shortcomings. Article structured, topic-prominent, for second-grade child is a fine piece of writing.

Species of butterflies

The university campus has a small garden.

Springtime, some unknown flowers to be planted in the garden aunt Miao miaow. Aunt told me: “We are the species of butterflies, Oh! “I wonder, wonder, wonder, the butterfly is a bit out of it?

Summer is coming, small Edison scrambled out of the flowers in the garden of beautiful flowers, red, yellow, pink, purple and white… … Colorful, wonderful!

Butterfly scrambling to fly over, yellow, pink, purple, white, colorful… … They were flying from flower, confusion are flowers or butterflies… … It dawned on me that butterfly was a little out of it!

I bought a butterfly net, happily came to the tiny garden butterfly. I’m catching, catching, a Yellow Butterfly, pink butterfly, a White Butterfly… …

At this time, an aunt, said: “Flowers are beautiful is not beautiful? Butterflies, how much? Children can’t harm them! ”

Listening to my aunt, I caught a butterfly fly, butterflies are dancing happily in a small garden, where beautiful petals tumble… …

This is a descriptive essay, the proposition is particularly attractive, articles language is simple but profound: planting flowers and butterflies, insects more protection, protection of good heart. Correlated very well, such as: the “butterfly is a bit out of it? “Questioning, sow, later” it dawned on me that butterfly was a little out of it! “One second-grade child can do that. I cheered for you.